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WDSP-BJ Submersible Pump


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WDSP-BJ Submersible Pump
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Technical specifications


Features of the submersible pump :

1.Precision and reasonable product design can more save energy consumption at the same time of providing larger flow

2.More compatible parts design can meet the different brand equipments maintenance and change

3.Independent cavity body design can make the maintenance simple and drops the possibility of new breakdown and safer

4.The motor possesses an automatic thermal protection device and it will stop automatically while the temperature rises up 95℃,it will begin to run again automatically while cooling down 45℃

5.Precision automatic pressure-relief valve and single valve design can guarantee the fluid constant pressure and let the oil conveying pipeline leak or sealing test operate successfully

6.Manual pressure-relief valve design can prevent from the dangerous happening of oil overflow while maintenance

7.Pass through ISO attestation to make sure each submersible pump improving on quality



Environmental temperature:-25℃--+55℃

Nominal flow:250L/min

Rated voltage:AC220V or AC380V

Motor rated speed:2820r/min


Thermal protection temperature:95℃

Suitable oil: Gasoline, diesel oil and kerosene.