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WDF20 Series Solenoid Valve


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Solenoid Valve
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Technical specifications

WDF20 Explosion-proof Double flow control solenoid valve (flange) is Special for fuel dispenser.


This valve has double-quick shut off specification , it can keep automatic measuring accuracy , special for all types of computer control fuel dispenser and chemical plant , medicine and so on , has two flow.

Product specification
There is superpose or parallel connection magnetic forerunner valve control inside , advanced arts and crafts , reliable action.

The main valve diaphragm adopt the imported special rubber , strong corrupt-proof , can bear low temperature -40℃.

Magnetic parts adopt special stainless steel magnetic material, will not rust forever or appear remanence.

Coil parts adopt imported Class F wire , so the insulated specification is quite good
Explosion proof parts according to the National explosion proof electric standard BG3836.1-2000 and GB3826.2-2000 standard design ,manufacture and test , pass the test of National oil and chemistry industry electric product explosion proof quality monitor and check center .

Explosion proof classExdⅡBT4  Explosion proof certificate numberCE021200 CNEX0.859x

Specification and technical data: